Find out what I’ve been getting up to lately.
All the benefits of stalking. Less crouching in bushes.

‘Rosewater’ Trailer

January 22nd 2020
Are you clever? Resourceful? Maybe a little… dangerous?

I grew up utterly in love with point and click games so I’m thrilled to be part of ROSEWATER, a wild west adventure from the creator of Lamplight City.

‘Star Wars Battlefront II: The Rise of Skywalker’

December 17th 2019
I can now reveal that I voice the Ovissian Gunner in Star Wars Battlefront II: The Rise of Skywalker from EA DICE. A kind-hearted heavy with a particular fondness for her Stormtrooper-decimating rotary canon, she’s quickly become a player favourite.

‘Total War Warhammer II: The Shadow and the Blade’

December 16th 2019
Greetingssss… It’sssss me again. I play Medusa in the latest instalment of Total War Warhammer II. The recording session was a hell of a lot of fun, especially when direction included “Let’s take her full-on death metal” and “More spit, please”.

I seem to be making rather a name for myself playing ancient, mythological beings and weird, otherworldly creatures and I’ll be honest… it’s a casting pigeonhole that I’m 100% down with roosting in.

‘Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War’

December 16th 2019
She is grief personified. Woe. Hopelessness. She’s also voiced by me. Because I’m such a naturally gloomy person. *snortlaughs*

Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief, is something of a big deal in the Warhammer community and we had an awesome time bringing her to life. Or not. Because she’s WELL dead (and she’s REALLY not happy about it).

‘Ostranauts’ trailer

December 10th 2019
Meet Ursula, a worlds-weary long-haul pilot, in this new trailer for upcoming noir spaceship-life sim Ostranauts.

I loved getting into Ursula’s head, finding that perfect mix between Ellen Ripley snark and Han Solo cockiness.

‘Best Performance’ Award at IndieCade 2019

October 16th 2019
Celebration time! ‘The Occupation’ won the ‘Best Performance’ award for voice acting in games at IndieCade 2019! Here’s me in the lead role of Scarlet.

Voicing Scarlet was like doing an emotional decathlon and I’m so proud of what Whitepaper Games and I created in her. In a game that tackles such important and politically current topics it felt especially important to do her justice.

‘Abandon Ship’

September 22nd 2019
Join me on the high seas for a life of adventure (plus possibly a bit of enemy canon fire and some overly-inquisitive sea monsters) as I voice the female Captain in Abandon Ship!

If you hear me shout the game’s title… you’d better start swimming.

‘Devil’s Hunt’

September 17th 2019
In an amusing departure from my usual ‘devils, baddies and morally ambiguous alpha females’ casting type, I recently appeared as the Angel Gabriel in ‘Devil’s Hunt’.

Yep. An actual angel. But an angel with an edge…

‘Thalassa’ trailer

August 11th 2019
Take a deep breath… you’re going to need it.

I can now reveal that I’ll be appearing in Sarepta Studio’s next game! Sarepta absolutely destroyed my emotions with their last title, the BAFTA-winning ‘My Child Lebensborn’, and I’m incredibly excited to be part of their next project.

‘Talking Tom’

July 31st 2019
A while back someone on a stream asked if I ever voiced characters that only vocalised noises, not words. Well… yes, I do. And here’s one of them – I’m Angela in the new ‘Talking Tom’ series!