An alluring, elegant, deliciously velvet voice…
bizarrely attached to the brain of a geeky, eyebrow-raising rock chick.

I’m a highly experienced voice actor known for my ability to breathe life into scripts and create unique, unforgettable characters that grab listeners by the scruff of the imagination.

Equally comfortable prowling a booth, set or volume, in my 30+ years as a performer I’ve worked in almost every area of the industry, from movies and video games to stage productions and national ad campaigns.

I sound exactly how I look… sometimes.

I specialise in voicing characters for video games, melding my voice work with my career outside the booth as a trained screen, stage and full performance capture actor.

My recent roles include:

  • The Narrator (Baldur’s Gate III)
  • Wenduag (Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous)
  • Malady (Divinity Original Sin II)
  • The Siren Queen (Sea of Thieves)
  • Nyrissa (Pathfinder: Kingmaker)

    Plus I’ll soon be appearing as Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft in ‘Hades 2’.

    My natural voice is rich and engaging with a very neutral English RP/Midlands accent – perfect for corporate projects and luxury brand commercials.

    Clients include Mercedes Benz, Sony, The Brit Awards, Lexus, Cancer Research UK, BBC, Sky and Disney.


    You can work with me at the studio of your choice, or direct me remotely at my full broadcast quality studio (complete with in-booth webcam and a range of different mics and connection options to pick from).

    Click here for more info about my studio.

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    “Amelia is much more than your average voice over.
    She can take a script and truly bring it to life, making a producer’s life a hell of a lot easier.”

    – Luke McPeak (radio producer)

    “Such a pleasure to work with that I can easily forgive her for being far too talented.”

    – Paul Hardy (director, Blood Actually)

    “Professional, passionate, energetic and unashamedly geeky.
    Amelia has absolute passion for whatever project she is working on.”

    – Peter Holley (producer, SyFy Channel)

    “Feline. Sly. Brazen. The lithest mind in the galaxy.”

    – Nancy Wolfson (Braintracks Audio)