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‘We Happy Few – Lightbearer’

July 30th 2019
It’s time for another trip into the dark, twisted, joyful world of ‘We Happy Few’!

You’ll hear me all over the place in this one, playing everything from swooning fangirls to saucy dominatrixes, but my main role is as Nick Lightbearer’s long-suffering ex-wife, Petunia.

‘Albion Online’ trailer

April 10th 2019
I popped up as enthusiastic warrior Vanya in the brand new trailer for Albion Online (Sandbox Interactive).

Welcome to Albion. I’ll see you on the battlefield.

‘Du Lac and Fey’

April 5th 2019
Salix Games invite you to explore Victorian London and track down the infamous Jack the Ripper in this historical adventure.

You’ll hear me as Charlotte (an unapologetically filthy prostitute) and Violet (an over-excitable political activist), but even better… YOU GET TO PLAY AS A TALKING DOG.


April 2nd 2019
Today I can finally reveal that I’ve been working on ‘Darkborn’ (previously known as ‘Project Wight’) – a game that caused a big stir at GDC. Who am I playing? Well… you may know my name when you see me.

Enjoy the first glimpse of pre-alpha footage, little one.

‘Divinity: Fallen Heroes’

March 27th 2019
You wanted more Malady? Well, Godwoken… it looks like just *sometimes* wishes come true…

After the roaring success of ‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ I can now reveal that I’ll be heading back to Rivellon to reprise my role in Larian Studios’ new game, out later this year! Do try not to get blood all over my lovely ship this time, hmm? I had a devil of a time cleaning it back up after your last little adventure. 100 Women in Games

March 26th 2019
I’m blushing like crazy because I just found out that I’ve been nominated for the GIBiz 100 Women in Games list!

Thanks SO much to my nominat…ors? …ers? Whatever the case, see you all at the party, fellow nominees!


March 12th 2019
Like buddy cop movies? Like videogames? Then put those hands together, my friend, because you just signed up for an elite taskforce.

I play Commander Karen Redfern, the world-weary counter-terrorism specialist put in charge of issuing players with their missions and assessing the success (or not) of their efforts. Let’s just say that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to RICO.

‘The Occupation’

March 5th 2019
Are you ready for your meeting with Scarlet Carson? The Occupation is an investigative thriller – you play a journalist looking into a controversial act, a suspicious explosion, and the people at the heart of a situation that could threaten the civil liberties of the population.

Scarlet’s a troubled, complex woman with a lot going on in her head but what you find out about her during the course of the game will greatly depend on what you choose to do… so get sleuthing! I can’t wait to see what decisions you all make.

‘Trials Rising’

February 26th 2019
If you’ve ever wanted to hurl me to my untimely death and watch me ragdoll on the rocks below (possibly while on fire) then today’s your lucky day!

I’m the voice of the ‘Confident’ female player character in Ubisoft’s new game in the Trials series so you can see me zooming around iconic locations, from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China, pulling off incredible and hilarious stunts… or wiping out spectacularly.

‘Battlefield V’

November 20th 2018
The stories of women fighting during World War II have often been overlooked so I’m hugely honoured to have been invited to lend my voice to one of them in this hotly anticipated FPS by EA DICE.

The recording sessions for this were a wonderful challenge in every way you’d expect – one moment harrowing, the next triumphant. I hope that players enjoy fighting alongside me and I can’t praise EA DICE enough for sticking to their guns, giving players a fun and inclusive experience and continuing to tell stories that people might not have been expecting to hear.

‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”

October 5th 2018
I was thrilled to be asked to join the (predominantly genuinely Greek) cast to provide some background voices for this latest chapter in the Assassin’s Creed story.

From drunken flirting to terrifying battle roars, we explored everything that ancient Greece had to offer during these recording sessions!

‘Pathfinder: Kingmaker’

September 25th 2018
Based on the popular pen-and-paper Paizo RPG, this game from Owlcat Games and Deep Silver has been hotly anticipated by tabletop and video gamers alike. I’m incredibly excited to announce that I had the honour of bringing the role of Nyrissa to life – a powerful nymph and a huge part of your journey through the Stolen Lands.

Those who’ve played the original pen-and-paper version will certainly know who I’m talking about… but they may get a little more than they expect once they finally meet her. There’s more to this lady than meets the eye…

With the awesome Chris Avellone as narrative designer, alongside the rest of an alarmingly talented writing team, you’re certainly in for one hell of an adventure.


EGX2018 Rezzed Session – The Secrets of Voice Acting

September 24th 2018
We had a great time being interviewed on the main stage last year so I was pretty chuffed that EGX invited me and Jay Britton back again for EGX 2018!

Hosted by the lovely Katharine Castle from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, we nattered about our experiences in the industry, answered some interesting questions from devs and actors in the audience… and possibly traumatised a few people with stories about the unexpected effects of a heatwave.

‘The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep’

September 18th 2018
This gorgeous first-person RPG by InXile Entertainment is out today and I can come along with you on your journey as the voice of the ‘Bemused’ female player character.

She’s not sure where she is or why she’s there and she may have had a tipple or two… in short, she’s a rather amusing character to accompany you through the beautiful world of Skara Brae and beyond! I also pop up as a couple of other characters along the way. Bonus points if you can guess which ones they are.



September 14th 2018
Grab your friends. Explore the stars. TRY NOT TO SET THE SHIP ON FIRE.

I play all the female characters in this one, babbling in a made-up language as your ship’s computer Buttons (who’s perhaps a little too excited by data and death) and all sorts of strange and sinister characters that you’ll meet along the way. Get ready to learn the true meaning of co-operation when the game launches on September 28th!

Don’t bother screaming, though. Nobody can hear you out here.


Interview on the VO School podcast

August 2nd 2018
I recently had the pleasure of joining fellow actors Dave Fennoy and Jay Britton on the VO School Podcast, nattering about how we got into acting for videogames, how you can too, training, demos, mocap… and, somewhat inexplicably, beans (I swear it makes sense eventually).

‘Dirty Bomb’

June 7th 2018
Here’s one for all you FPS fans. London’s been wrecked and it’s up to you and your team of merc misfits to fight it out for control and resources.

I play Mia, MercServ’s snarky combat liaison, who talks players through various skills to make sure that they don’t hit the streets unprepared. The game’s currently in beta but keep an eye out… like the dirty bomb itself, 1.0 may hit when you least expect it…

Training videos

‘Du Lac and Fey: Dance of Death’

April 27th 2018
This week I was at Pinewood recording my roles for this gorgeous upcoming narrative adventure title, set in the heart of London during the time of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders.

My main characters in this couldn’t be more different: Charlotte’s a bawdy, ambitious prostitute while Violet is an… activist of sorts. Serious and heartfelt at times and outright hilarious at others, I can’t express what a joy this was to work on. My face ached from laughing for hours after I’d left the studio.

Head down to Whitechapel and meet them for yourselves when the game launches later this year.



April 5th 2018
You’ll soon be able to hear me playing all the female characters in this stunning dystopian city-building survival game where heat is life and every (possibly morally dubious) decision you make will shape the society you’re helping to survive. Oh good lord, would you look at those stunning graphics? *drools*

Wrap up warm and get that generator running when the game launches on the 24th of April.

‘The Spectrum Retreat’

April 4th 2018
Based on the 2016 BAFTA YGD award-winner, ‘The Spectrum Retreat’ is a gorgeous narrative-driven first person puzzle game set in the unsettling world of the Penrose Hotel.

I’m incredibly proud to announce that I’ll be appearing in the lead role of Cooper who’ll be a… confidante of sorts. While I can’t say anything more about her right now, your room at the Penrose should be ready for you to check in very soon. I’ll meet you there. article

‘We Happy Few’

February 19th 2018
I’m overjoyed (see what I did there?) to finally announce that I’m part of the cast of the deliciously creepy ‘We Happy Few’, a sinister dystopian survival game by Compulsion Games.

I play a whole bunch of characters in this one but one of my main roles (which was outed by director extraordinaire Alex Epstein in Compulsion’s recent journal update) is the mother of one of the three player characters, Sally. Sally’s mum is an… interesting individual… I can’t say much more about her just yet but, as Alex mentioned in the journal, she reminds me a huge amount of my late mother. How terribly alarming.

Pop a joy and join me in Wellington Wells this summer when the game launches on PS4, XBox and PC. It’s exactly my cup of sick and twisted tea. Chin chin!

Dev journal

‘Murderous Pursuits’

February 1st 2018
Like airships? Like murdering your friends? Like murdering your friends ON airships? Who doesn’t?

I play The Assassin in ‘Murderous Pursuits’, an upcoming Victorian-era stealth/murderfest multiplayer game from Blazing Griffin. The recording session for this one was easily one of the silliest I’ve experienced, with lines in both English and a made-up language similar to Simglish. The game hits Steam in March so come aboard, grab a frying pan and enter the fray!


‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’

November 17th 2017
I’ve been keeping this one under my hat for what feels like forever but I can finally announce that I’m a member of the cast of this badboy. I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise since I was a kid so I can’t quite express how excited I am to officially be part of the universe that I grew up loving.

I voice several rebel fighters taking on the Empire (for both single and multiplayer), plus occasionally switch sides to voice a couple of Imperial announcers, civilians and even a Rodian!

Mocap for ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’

October 6th 2017
I was a huge fan of the first Kingsman movie so I grinned my head off when earlier this year I was cast in a motion capture role in this badass sequel.

Working with the incredibly talented folk at Framestore I performed in several scenes, including embodying thousands of different people in various stages of delirium and illness for a huge VFX scene set in a football stadium. All those people locked in cages, dancing, freaking out and dying? Yeah, every single one of the women is me.

The shoot itself was something of a first, utilising a state-of-the-art Vicon system which fed data directly into Unreal Engine, allowing me to view the resulting animation in real time and adjust my performances accordingly. Read all about the tech behind the shoot here.

EGX interview with Eurogamer

September 25th 2017
I spent yesterday at EGX2017 checking out the latest titles and being interviewed on the main stage (alongside fellow Divinity: Original Sin II castmate Jay Britton) by Bertie from Eurogamer.

Check it out for info about my career in voice acting, crisp rage and an exciting upcoming game role…

‘Divinity Original Sin 2’

September 14th 2017
The wait is finally over, RPG-lovers! Larian Studios’ much-anticipated ‘Divinity Original Sin 2’ launches today so I can now proudly announce that I’m part of the cast.

I play a whole bunch of characters in this one (25 in total!) but primarily Malady, an enigmatic half-elf, half… well, I’ll let you find out for yourself. I had a ridiculously good time bringing this lady to life – if players have half as much fun getting to know her as we had recording then they may well grin themselves into oblivion!

Check out the game on Steam

‘Forgotton Anne’

August 25th 2017
I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally reveal that I’m part of this game. I mean… just LOOK at it. Stunning.

Forgotton Anne is a beautiful cinematic adventure game set in a land where forgotten objects (like shoes, mops and lamps) come to life. I’ll be appearing as a whole bunch of these strange creatures and while I can’t say anything more about the characters yet I will say that the recording sessions for them have been some of the most silly and fun I’ve ever had. You might be able to hear a few of them in this new trailer…

‘Augmented Empire’ trailer and cast

June 30th 2017
The trailer for Coatsink’s epic cyberpunk VR game ‘Augmented Empire’ is now online and oooh… it’s all kinds of gorgeous.

I’ll be appearing as Ashley (the lady wearing the hood), acting alongside such epic names as Nick Frost (Spaced/Shaun of the Dead), Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek Voyager/Orange is the New Black), Garrick Hagon (Star Wars IV: A New Hope), and Doug Cockle (The Witcher). Now THAT’S a party!

Grab the game from July 17th on Gear VR.

‘Micro Machines: World Series’

June 30th 2017
Oh lord, this one was a ball to record for! Aside from being a real blast from the past, this 2017 take on the classic SNES game involved a lot of crazy voices and improv fun. Oh, and the mighty Brian Blessed commentating. BOOM.

I battle it out as Dr. Mel Practice (a terribly English Ambulance), Lt. Shields (a toughnut New York copcar), Viktoriya Tennikost (a badass Russian snowplough) and Yu Saiko (a futuristic Japanese sports car). Bonus points for spotting the various pop culture references we scattered in there.

‘Elite: Dangerous’ – The Odysseus

May 1st 2017
Another of my audio logs has been found! Meet the Security Officer aboard the generation ship Odysseus.

I wouldn’t advise getting too close, though. Keep your distance.

For the greater good.

‘Elite: Dangerous’ – The Venusian

April 26th 2017
This morning Commanders discovered the Venusian, a derelict megaship with a tragic history.

Find out what happened there from Officer Gant who is having… a very bad day (and who you might recognise a bit more easily than my last Elite log!).

‘Elite: Dangerous’ – The Zurara

April 18th 2017
Early this morning Commanders in Elite: Dangerous discovered a structure far out in the Formadine Rift… containing a voice that you may (not) recognise*.

Meet the mysterious Rebecca Weston, a character who’s appeared in Elite lore for quite some time. I’m glad that you finally found me, CMDRs.

*Spoiler: It’s me.

‘Augmented Empire’

April 18th 2017
Coatsink rocked the VR world with both ‘Esper’ and ‘Esper 2’ and I can now announce that I’ll be appearing as Ashley in their upcoming game ‘Augmented Empire’!

This neo-noir, story-driven tactical RPG made big waves at this year’s GDC and EGX Rezzed, getting a great response from players and reviewers who delighted in guiding Ashley through the perils of New Savannah.

The game will be coming to Gear VR later in 2017 but until then you can don a headset and explore the demo for yourself at various conventions around the world.

‘Elite Dangerous: Horizons’

March 3rd 2017
It’s no secret that Elite Dangerous is a truly massive game with one hell of a player community but what HAS been a secret up until now is that the latest update to the universe (2.3 – The Commanders) includes some voice acting surprises for players to discover!

2.3 is currently in beta and has been getting a great response from players – the full update will be launching on PC, Xbox One and PS4 very soon.

I’ll be able to give you more details once the audio logs I recorded are discovered. So… get out there and find me, CMDRs.

UPDATE! Logs have been found! Meet the mysterious Rebecca Weston.

‘Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3’

November 4th 2016
I’ve just been given the nod to reveal that I’ve been recording for upcoming AAA video game ‘Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3’! The lead narrative designer of the game is Jess Lebow, who’s worked on awesome franchises including Far Cry, League of Legends and Guild Wars, so obviously I’m very excited to be involved.

It’s all very hush hush at the moment but you can find out more about who I’ll be playing when the game’s released by CI Games on 4th April 2017.

‘Everrun: Legend of the Horse Guardians’

October 24th 2016
Like horses and sparkly things? Like the concept of running but don’t like sweating or actually standing up? Then this is the game for you! I play the ethereal narrator in this fun kids’ game for Budge Studios, available now via the app store.

Bon Prix TV commercial

October 14th 2016
My voice is currently all over your TV screens in this national ad for Bonprix’s Autumn/Winter collection.

‘Tales of Bacon’

October 13th 2016
In 2017 I’ll be appearing as no-nonsense archer Osgyth in a brand new medieval webseries, ‘Tales of Bacon’.

Mocap at Centroid

July 6th 2016
I was recently at Centroid at Shepperton Studios for the 2016 Mocap Vaults Summit, training in mocap and full performance capture techniques for film and video games. Here I am playing the rather terrifying Captain Abrams. Enjoy!

‘Troll and I’ casting news

June 21st 2016
I’ve been in London today for ANOTHER Square Enix game – this time playing the female lead role of Sanna in ‘Troll and I’ for Spiral House and Maximum Games! The game will be released in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

‘The Turing Test’

June 14th 2016
I’m thrilled to finally announce that I play the role of Dr Sarah Brook in Bulkhead Interactive/Square Enix’s epic sci-fi video game ‘The Turing Test’, previewing at E3 2016 this week!

You can take the test for yourself when it come out in August on Steam and Xbox One.