“One of those rare voices you can rely on
to deliver any script thrown at her as if she’s been rehearsing it for years.”

– Nick Haverson (producer)

Whether your game’s gritty and realistic or cute and cartoony, I can fill it with authentic, immersive characters that spring to life and sink their teeth deep into players’ memories.

Recent roles include the Dungeon Master/Narrator in ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’, enigmatic half-demon Malady in ‘Divinity Original Sin 2’ (Larian Studios), conflicted nymph queen Nyrissa and bloodthirsty fighter Wenduag in the ‘Pathfinder’ games (Owlcat Games), The Siren Queen in ‘Sea of Thieves’ (RARE)… plus multiple characters in ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ (EA), ‘Elite Dangerous’ (Frontier Developments), ‘We Happy Few’ (Compulsion Games) and ‘Battlefield V’ (EA).

As well as having decades of acting and voicing experience I’m also an avid gamer so I truly understand how to give a dev team exactly what they need from a recording session. Oh, and I’m one of those weirdos who really loves doing emotes!

I specialise in sumptuous, captivating reads (perfect for luxury brands) and natural, relatable styles that make the listener feel like I’m an old friend casually letting them in on an awesome secret.

My years of experience voicing for some of the world’s top brands mean that I’m known for my total understanding of commercial copy and my ability to give a script that elusive extra special something without sounding ‘voiceovery’.

I’ve voiced a vast number of corporate videos over the years so my recording sessions are quick and painless (and even enjoyable!) for corporate clients.

My natural soft RP/Midlands accent gives my reads a professional-yet-human feel, making it easy to get information across clearly while simultaneously immersing listeners in the company’s unique personality. I’m also known for my ability to make even the most baffling technical script make perfect sense.

Whether it’s a dark psychological thriller or a cartoon about puppies, I can do the vocal gymnastics required to embody your channel and get viewers excited about tuning in.

I’m renowned for my excellent to-picture timing and being able to instantly switch styles in order to really sell a show. I’m also a seasoned continuity announcer (both live and pre-recorded) and can even pen my own scripts, giving your channel its own distinct personality.


My narration styles range from earthy and informative to casual and genuine, giving the ideal level of punctuation and character to documentaries and explainer videos.

I’ve lent my larynx to everything from hard-hitting factual museum commentary to heartwarming TV series about weddings and babies, plus explained Pi (in Latin!) along the way.

No matter what your project needs, from crisp, authoritative narration to the grunting and roaring of some horrifying creature, chances are I’ve tackled something similar before and can help you out. Get in touch!

I can record at the studio of your choice or (if you’re not a big fan of faces / don’t have recording facilities) you can direct me remotely at my full broadcast quality studio via ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL or Skype. Alternatively, I’m more than happy to self-direct and send the audio back in whatever format you’d prefer.

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“My go-to girl for anything requiring that extra animation or performance. She’s great with direction and a good laugh to work with.”

– Luke McPeake (producer)

“A joy to work with and one of a kind. In fact she’s so good that I hardly had to give her any direction!”

– Sahba Sahbarian (producer, Africa Channel)