“An incredibly talented and versatile actress.”

– Phil Bland (producer, Pulp)


I’ve performed on both stage and screen for most of my life, playing everything from ass-kicking futuristic baddies and seductive Shakespearean fairy queens to clumsy boffins and swooning medieval maidens.

I thrive in dark, emotionally complex roles that require not just an evilly arched brow but also those unexpected veins of light in order to truly bring them to life.

Film roles include devious seductress Sarah Smith in ‘Wasters’, badass gamer Harmony in ‘Nights at the Round Table’, ditzy vampire Daisy in ‘Blood Actually’, and the ethereal Lady of the Bath in ‘Arthur’s Lore’.

I’ve also taken to the stage as lovelorn socialite Ilyena in Anton Chekhov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ and the enigmatic and manipulative (or is she?) Rachel in Daphne du Maurier’s ‘My Cousin Rachel’.


I pride myself on really getting inside the minds of the characters I play (the Psychology degree helps with that bit!), creating depth and realism that make audiences question their assumptions.

I’m also known for my comic timing, whip-snap-fast improvisation skills and gleefully tireless dedication, always going the extra mile to get that perfect take.


In addition to my stage and screen work I’m also a trained full performance capture actor, donning an ungodly amount of velcro and an oh-so-flattering lycra bodysuit to create characters without the aid of set, props or costume (I’m often not even wearing my own face!).

Click here to find out more about my mocap work.

“Such a pleasure to work with that I can easily forgive her for being far too talented.”

– Paul Hardy (director, Blood Actually)

“A flawless performance.”

– Coventry Evening Telegraph (My Cousin Rachel)

“A true professional and a pleasure to have on set.”

– Adam Hamdy (director, Pulp)

“Her comic timing is impeccable.”

– Huw Bowen (director, Delivery Boy/Triple Hit)

“An excellent and absorbing performance.”

– The Courier (My Cousin Rachel)